The existence of the trend of society at that time who tend to know more and love the cuisine from abroad, so that traditional cuisine seemed to disappear from circulation and do not have prestige in the eyes of the general public. For that need to be re-appointed wealth of traditional menu, especially culinary Kraton Yogyakarta and various traditional snacks in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

To support tourism activities in Yogyakarta in particular and culinary tourism in big cities in general as well as to preserve the cultural wealth of which is a variety of culinary / cuisine typical of the Kingdom of Yogyakarta then "Bale Raos" present presents the cuisine with an alluring packaging.

Bale Raos started operation since 23 January 2004, on the initiative of KGPH Hadiwinoto as an effort to realize the idea of GKR Hemas to preserve and open the door to the general public to be able to know and enjoy the various culinary riches of the Yogyakarta Kingdom.

Bale Raos is a great choice for both formal and non-formal events. Among others: family events, entertain relations, gathering, private party, as well as a typical and authentic culinary tour.