APIP's Batik craft is a company with a cultural background Batik Pekalongan which is  located on Jalan Pandega Marta no 37A Pogung Yogyakarta. 
Along with its development, APIP`S Batik has its own characteristics by presenting various motifs in remote parts of the country whose coloring has taken modern colors, although it does not leave the coloring of traditional batik.

What makes APIP’s Batik special is it provides special materials, namely traditional woven silk which is now better known as ATBM Silk (Non-Machine Weaving Tools). 
The silk itself is different from other ATMB silk in the market. They have characteristics in the material texture.

APIP’s Batik not only use modern colors for coloring but they also use traditional colors such as sogan. Besides, APIP’s Batik also developing the natural coloring from plants. 

For fabric coloring besides presenting modern colors APIP'S Batik also does not leave the color of traditional batik as we know it is sogan color and now to further highlight the exotic value of batik known for its fine artistry, Apip's Batik develops batik coloring with natural coloring, namely batik by using coloring from plants.

He has participated in various exhibitions and demonstrations, both domestically and abroad and the marketing of his batik, which has been known as a work of art, has been collected by many community leaders in the country.