Fort Vredeburg Museum is a fortress building that was built during the Dutch colonial period, Fort Vredeburg was built precisely in 1765, and at that time Fort Vredeburg functioned as a Fortress to protect the Governor of the Dutch East Indies who was currently living in the Governor's Building, which is currently known as Gedung Agung.

Fort Vredeburg which is one of the historical heritage buildings, until now the physical building of Fort Vredeburg is still very well maintained and cared, this can be seen from the strongness of the Fort walls.

Vredeburg is on Ahmad Yani street, or it can also be known as Malioboro street, because indeed Ahmad Yani's road continues with Malioboro street. It is located right in front of the Gedung Agung or also known as the Nation Palace.

The fort is equipped with several cannons which always pointing to the South, which more precisely leads to the direction of the Yogyakarta Palace to anticipate when at any time the Yogyakarta Keraton Army attacked.

The inside of the Fort has undergone renovations, so that the physical building of the Fort is still very strong, in one of the buildings, especially on the south side of the entrance there is a Diorama which tells about the great struggle of the Indonesian Army in seizing independence.

Besides, Vredeburg Fortress is lso one of the places for cultural and artistic activities, it is very visible with the frequent location of Fort Vredeburg used by Cultureists and artists as a place of creation and culture.