Jadin Craft Textile is engaged in Traditional Weaving since 1985. Its products are made using ATBM (Non-Machine Weaving Tools). The motifs of woven fabric produced are archipelago motifs such as lurik motifs, NTT motifs, West Sumatra motifs, Toraja motifs, etc. Jadin Craft Textile also sells batik products and ecoprint.

Jadin Craft Textile is in collaboration with the PETTRI Foundation (Peduli Tekstil Tradisional Indonesia) receives training / workshops for those who want to learn to weave, batik, and learn ecoprint.

Jadin Craft Textile is built on the concept of preservation and development of traditional textiles that take the world of Indonesian Fashion with a high and consistent commitment to Global competition. Jadin Craft Textile keeps moving and developing with small craftsmen with philosophy
Seeing the Unseen, Thinking that is Unthinkable, Do what isn’t Done.