Pura Pakualaman is one of two palaces in the special area of Yogyakarta. As well as Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace, Pura Pakualaman is also equipped with alun-alun, mosque and museum.

Different from the Sultanate Palace which faces Merapi or to the North, Pura Pakualaman faces the opposite, facing the South. This is a form of respect for the Sultanate Palace which was established. Entering the Pura Pakualaman complex, tourists will be welcomed by a beautiful garden and a pond overgrown with lotus flowers. Behind the pond, there is the Sewotomo Room where the set of Kebogiro gamelan is stored. If the Sunday Pon comes, tourists can hear the musicians playing the gamelan.

Besides the Pendapa building, in the Pura Pakualaman there are also other buildings such as Dalem Ageng Proboyeksa with beautiful architecture, Sewarengga Room, Maerakaca Building, and many more. For those who want to know more about the history of Pura Pakualaman can visit the museums and libraries that are in the palace. In the library there is a collection of historical stories and literary works, while in the tourist museum you can see a list of Paku Alam genealogies, agreement documents, royal attributes, photographs, weapons collections, and fashion collections.