Ullen Sentalu Museum stand for "ULating bLENcong SEjatiNe TAtaraning LUmaku" which means "Blencong lights are the guide for humans in stepping and living life". The philosophy is taken from an oil lamp which is usually used during shadow puppet shows.
Uniquely, this museum does not use ancient buildings or cultural heritage buildings as a place to display their collection, but uses new building in the middle of a green area in Kaliurang, in the slopes of Mount Merapi.

The museum was inaugurated in 1997, it has the heritage collection of Mataram Kingdom, for example in the Sekar bawana Sasana Room which contains paintings of the King of Mataram and also in the Sela Giri Guwa Room which expose the paintings  of figures from the Mataram Dynasty.

Oher than that you can find various paintings, traditional musical instruments, photograph collection, archives of letters, and batik cloths that are kept very neatly and beautifully arranged.

In this cultural museum, there are no labels about explanation of the collection displayed. This is precisely what characterizes the Ullen Sentalu Museum. All explanations will be delivered directly by the guide or museum guide.