Since 2005, TTASSEA began operating under the name of ASEAN TTAC (ASEAN Traditional Textile Art Community), it has been active in the field of traditional textile culture in Southeast Asia. In 2016, based on the decision of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, ASEAN TTAC was renamed the Traditional Textile Arts Society of South East Asia (TTASSEA), which is now under the leadership of KGBRAA Paku Alam.

Every two years, a symposium is held in one of the ASEAN member countries. In 2005, ASEANTTAC as the initiator, which is at that time is the main position of Himpunan Wastraprema - the wastra admirer from Indonesia, held a symposium which was first supported by the ASEAN Secretariat at the ASEAN Building in South Jakarta. The current theme was: New Directions in the 21st Century, with domestic and foreign textile expert speakers. Indonesia was represented by Mr. Iwan Tirta (late) and Mrs. Obin Komara.

This year, for the second time TTASSEA was honored to arrange the ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium, which will be held in Yogyakarta, the cultural city on November 5th until 8th 2019.

On August 20th 2018, TTASSEA was approved and accredited as an entity that is affiliated with ASEAN, which is listed in Annex 2, the ASEAN Charter and registered as a civil society.

Since 2017, ASEAN has invited the entities/associations periodically to join the forum that want to 1) strengthen the  cooperation with and among ASEAN-accredited associations; 2) work as a platform for discussing ASEAN priorities from the three pillars of ASEAN ; and 3) exploring the possibilities to collaborate between ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN sectoral agencies and ASEAN Centers. The third Entity Forum will be held on 29 April 2019.

One of TTASSEA's mission that is in line with ASEAN is to improve the awareness of the people that  ASEAN is the set of  Southeast Asia countries which aim to increase the standard of society’s life at a grass-root level, namely the weavers and the traditional textile craftsman, which is the guardians and the nation’s culture.



CEO : Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas
Advisory Council : Hartini Hartarto Sastrosunarto
    Susrinah Sanyoto Sastrowardoyo
Experts : General Director of Culture-Education and Culture Ministry
    General Director of ASEAN Partnership-Ministry of Foreign
    Indonesian Permanent Representative in ASEAN
    The Head of Creative Economy Council
    Deputy for Marketing Development II
    The Ministry of Tourism
    General Director of National Export Development
    The Ministry of Trading
    Director General of Small Industry Association-Ministry of Industry
    Deputy of Cultural Heritage - Deputy for Coordination
    The Coordinator Ministry for Human Development and Culture
    The Head of Museum Seni Jakarta co Museum Tekstil Jakarta
Constructor : Adiati Arifin Siregar
    Edith Ratna Soerjosoejarso
    Elsie Soenarya
Supervisor : Caecile Papadimitriou
    Dr. AA Bulantrisna
    Ade Rachmad Gobel
    KMT Notosugito
Chairman : GKBRAA Paku Alam
Managing Director : Ita Yuliati
General Secretary : Dr.S. Mariah Waworuntu
Members : Margareta Anggraini Adriani MBA
    Nining Sukendro
    Dra. Siti Utami Msi
    Fita Maulina
Treasurer : Trida (Didid) Manaseh
Members : Mayke
    Ida Purwantini
Foreign Partnership Chief : Dr. Laretna Adishakti (Sita)
Exhibition Chief : Djodjo Gozali
Public Relation Chief : Miranti Abidin
Culture, Education and Research Chief : Dr. Adrianus Laurens Waworuntu
Walfare and Business Chief : Nita Kenzo Mayasari Sekarlaranti
Law and Organization Chief : Niken Astogini Sadjarwo SH
General Field Chief : KRAy T Sritapi Suryoadiputri


TTASSEA address:
Museum Tekstil
Jl. KS Tubun No.2-4
Jakarta 11420
Telp 021-5606613; Fax: 021-5654401
Email: ttasseaindonesia@gmail.com


Secretary address:
ALITA Building
Jl. Muara Dalam Kav.108
Tanjung Barat- Jakarta Selatan 12530

TTASSEA Yogyakarta:
Puro Pakualaman
Jl. Sultan Agung
Yogyakarta 55112
Telp 0274-582152